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  • Doctor in Training Advisory Council

  • Established in 2010, the DiTAC comprises a group of doctors in training (DiTs) and an Avant representative. The role of the DiTAC is to assist and advise Avant on issues facing young doctors which are relevant to Avant members.

    The DiTAC identifies emerging and existing issues within the DiT community in areas including: communication, education, advocacy, support and representation.

    All DiTs are encouraged to provide suggestions and feedback to the DiTAC so it can fulfil its objectives in supporting the needs of DiT members.

    Becoming a DiTAC member

    To be eligible to join DiTAC you need to be a current Intern, Resident Medical Officer, or DiT member of Avant. We are looking for passionate and highly motivated individuals who want to make a difference. Becoming a DiTAC representative is a great opportunity to:

    • network with peers around the country
    • shape and influence doctor in training initiatives
    • make a difference and play an important role within the medical community
    • participate in various Avant programs
    • gain leadership skills with the role of Chairperson.