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Case studiesManaging patient incidentsPatient communicationPractising professionally
Doctor faces complaint after shouting match with patient Maintaining your professionalism and composure is important particularly in situations where patients express their dissatisfaction. Identifying situations which are likely to lead to emotional respon...
ConsentCase studiesPatient communication
Surgeon found to have conveyed material risks even though interpretation issues meant patient claimed not to understand In the case of a patient with language difficulties doctors are required to take reasonable care to ensure that the material risks of the procedure are conveyed and to satisfy themselves that the subs...
ConsentCase studiesPractising professionallyPrivacy & confidentiality
Inappropriate relationship with patient whose family were also patients leads to suspension for NZ GP Relationships with former patients and with patients family members can compromise patient care and may be in breach of sexual boundaries guidelines. An inappropriate relationship can result in a find...
eLearning coursesPatient communication
Consultation insights Communication issues are fundamental to good consultations. This module is designed to support you to consolidate your consultation structure and general communication skills so that your patients get...
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eLearning coursesPatient communication
Communication fundamentals Developing and maintaining skills in effective communication has benefits for both patients and practitioners. These include eliciting more information from patients saving time and building a strong ...
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Case studiesPatient carePractising professionally
Supreme court decision vindicates doctor over referral delay A state s Supreme Court of Appeal decision reassures doctors on their legal duty to chase up referrals for patients in the public healthcare system after it overturned a 190 000 negligence ruling agai...
Claims insights
Claims and complaints insights: Practices 1 in 14 Avant practice policyholders had a matter raised about their provision of care each year with issues regarding staff behaviour common. Avant practice medical indemnity insurance gives practice...
Digital healtheLearning courses
Cyber and privacy With so much of our personal and work lives connected to the internet the risk of experiencing a cyber incident is always increasing. This course will give an overview of best practice in privacy and ...
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eLearning coursesPatient care
Gathering Diagnostic Information This module aims to refresh communication skills that may assist the medical practitioner to gather appropriate and useful diagnostic information during a consultation.
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Case studiesPatient carePractising professionallyPrescribing
Doctor’s inappropriate relationship with patient leads to breaches of prescribing practice and professional conduct Doctors who commence a treating relationship with partners family members or close friends can find their professional judgment compromised. They risk providing inappropriate treatment and putting pat...
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