COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


As the COVID-19 situation evolves and more information comes to hand, we will update this page with further medico-legal advice for members.


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24 / 06 / 2021

Latest News

A no-fault indemnity scheme for administering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Avant has welcomed the Prime Minister’s statement that the Commonwealth government will introduce “a new no-fault indemnity scheme for general practitioners who administer COVID-19 vaccines”.

Avant has committed to protecting doctors and practices by providing indemnity coverage for the vaccine roll out and this support by the Commonwealth is a positive move to reassure and give confidence to doctors administering the vaccine.

We have been in discussions with the Department of Health about the need for a scheme and will continue to work with them to ensure that its design delivers on its intent.

Avant will continue to advise its members when further information becomes available.

We would like to reassure our members that your Avant Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy is designed to cover you in both of the following scenarios (provided you have cover in an appropriate category of practice):

Please note that your Avant Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy is subject to the full terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

To assist doctors to navigate the many challenges associated with the rollout, we have also compiled responses to members’ other FAQs on the COVID-19 vaccines to support our general COVID-19 FAQs, including:

Our other FAQs are located below and are updated regularly:

Updated: 29/6/2021


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