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  • Our values

  • We are a values driven organisation and our people are the driving force behind it. Our values define how we do things to achieve our business goals and aspirations.

    Leading LITES program is focused on achievement and demonstration of Avant Values and we recognise those employees who are living our Avant Values at a great level of performance.

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    • We deliver market leading strategies with measurable outcomes
    • We value innovation to enhance our strengths
    • We lead with courage, energy and flair
    • We are outward looking
    • We embrace change constructively, challenging prevailing ideas and methods.
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    • We display open and honest communication across all levels of Avant
    • We do what we say we are going to do
    • We are ethical
    • We act at all times in the interests of our members.
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    • We value teamwork and diversity of opinion
    • We treat members, staff and stakeholders with dignity, respect and empathy
    • We reward people for their contribution to our success.
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    We insist upon best practice in our dealings with:

    • Our members
    • Our members’ patients
    • The healthcare sector,

    through being responsive, accessible and compassionate.

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    We will ensure we are ‘built to last’ based on the core foundations of:

    • Corporate responsibility
    • Employer of choice
    • Financial strength
    • Member support
    • Technical strength
    • Work life balance.