Floods assistance: support for members impacted by the floods

    It has been heartbreaking to see the distress and damage caused by the most recent floods in New South Wales. Our thoughts and best wishes go to all those who have been affected.

    Avant is again offering support for members impacted by the floods. If you have been directly affected, we may waive your medical indemnity premium for three months, subject to eligibility, without impacting your cover.

    To be eligible for this assistance, members need to:

    • be working or living in an area impacted by the floods;
    • have had more than five (5) days of business interruption and income loss;
    • have been an Avant member before 1 January 2022;
    • have a paid up to date policy.

    The current regions designated as natural disaster zones can be found at:

    NSW disaster zones

    Please complete this form or call 1800 128 268 to notify us of your current situation so we can assist. You may also be able to claim relief on other Avant Mutual Group products you hold.

    Medico-legal coverage for members providing care in flood affected communities

    The current floods are causing tremendous stress in many communities and health practitioners are responding to issues, often in emergency conditions, without access to the usual resources.

    Avant considers services provided to patients and communities in emergencies, such as these, to be covered by our practitioner and practice policies (subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions in the policies).

    Should you have any questions, contact our medico-legal advice line on 1800 128 268. A range of other support services are available on our website.

    Our thoughts and best wishes are with all those affected at this difficult time.