• Avant Getting Started in Private Practice Program

  • A four-year boost from Australia's leading MDO

  • Avant understands that starting or joining a private practice can be expensive. This is why we created the Avant Getting Started in Private Practice (GSIPP) Program; to help ease financial pressures in the first years by offering substantial savings on your Avant Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy.

     The chart below highlights how the GSIPP program operates:

    GSIPP discounts

    Plus, as an Avant member, you will have complete access to our dedicated GSIPP website, which guides you through the essential aspects of starting or joining a private practice, and provides practical tools and resources to help you minimise risk.

    Find out if you are eligible by viewing Avant’s GSIPP member eligibility rules below.

  • Our GSIPP discount is just one of the many advantages you receive with Avant

    Step into private practice with confidence knowing you’re protected by Avant’s comprehensive Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy. 

    Protection logo

    Comprehensive protection

    Designed by doctors for doctors, Avant gives you comprehensive professional indemnity cover with the unique needs of practitioners in mind.

    Defence logo

    Best defence

    Avant Law, our specialist law firm, gives members access to the largest in-house medico-legal team of any MDO in Australia. No Australian MDO has more resources than Avant to defend you.

    Advice logo

    Expert advice and support

    Our medico-legal experts are available 24/7 in emergencies, to give you immediate and personalised advice that can help minimise the chances of a complaint or claim.

  • GSIPP eligibility rules and FAQs

    • What is the Avant GSIPP discount?
    • Am I eligible for the Avant GSIPP discount?
    • What are the features of Avant's Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy?
    • Why does Avant offer this discount?
    • How can Avant afford to offer the GSIPP discount?
    • Can you define what you mean by first year you become eligible?
    • I have never practised privately in Australia before but I did work in private practice overseas and my billings would have been over $25,000. Am I still eligible?
    • How do I apply for the GSIPP discount?
    • Will the years I am with Avant but receiving the GSIPP discount still count towards my Loyalty Reward Plan tenure?
    • Do the four years of discounts have to run consecutively?
    • I’m eligible to receive the GSIPP discount but as I’m already part way through this policy period, can I defer year one to the start of my next policy period?
    • Does receiving a discount affect my indemnity insurance cover in any way?
    • What is the GSIPP microsite?

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