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Why you need your student indemnity insurance

Mar 10, 2016

Not sure why you need your professional indemnity insurance when your university already provides you with indemnity cover? Understand the scenarios where you may need the assistance of Avant.

In medicine there is a degree of inherent risk and your reputation is critical to a successful career. You can protect your career by having the right professional indemnity policy in place. While your university may provide some indemnity cover, it may not cover you in every instance.

Good Samaritan acts

When you aid a person in an emergency – a person on a bus who has fainted, someone involved in a car accident or a child who is choking – sometimes things can go wrong. Under Avant’s policy, you are covered for Good Samaritan acts both in Australia and overseas. Your university policy may not cover you when you’re not undertaking university-related work. To find out more read When are you expected to be a Good Samaritan? and What is your legal duty as a Good Samaritan on a plane?

Elective or clinical placement errors

Unfortunately, electives or clinical placements do not always run smoothly. In some circumstances your university may not cover you so if you don’t have insurance and a claim is made against you, you could potentially be left to fund your own legal advice and defence costs, which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Overseas incidents

If you head overseas (excluding the USA) for an elective and end up in hot water at the hospital where you are working, your Avant Student Indemnity Insurance Policy will cover your defence.

Complaints and coronial matters 

If you are on a placement and are involved in the treatment of a patient who dies, our policy covers the legal fees to defend you arising from disciplinary, coronial and criminal proceedings and investigations. Not all university insurance policies cover this.

Communicable diseases

No medical student wants to think about contracting a communicable disease during their studies. However, if you do contract HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, Avant’s policy will help you to undertake substantial re-training. While hopefully you’ll never need this cover, it demonstrates just how extensive our policy is.

Voluntary clinical placements 

If you win a prize that includes a voluntary placement, or decide to do a voluntary placement outside the requirements of your course, Avant will provide cover as long as you are supervised by a medical practitioner and the placement is in Australia.

Cover is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. Please read and consider the PDS and policy wording which is available at avant.org.au or by phoning us on 1800 128 268.

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Find out more about your Avant Student Indemnity Insurance Policy. If you would like more information about your policy or the benefits that come with it, contact our Member Services team on 1800 128 268 or email memberservices@avant.org.au


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