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  • Things to consider when taking out Practice Expense Cover

    Tailored to suit your needs


    • Monthly benefits to cover your practice expenses for up to 12 months if you can’t perform the duties specific to your own specialty, irrespective of your ability to perform other medical duties.
    • Payment extension to cover your practice expenses for up to another 12 months if you have not received the full benefit you are covered for.
    • Lease extension benefits for up to a further 18 months to cover your practice lease expenses if you remain unable to work to your full capacity after all monthly reimbursements have ceased.


    • Receive higher monthly benefits – up to $60,000 per month to cover your share of practice and service company expenses.
    • Cover up to age 70.
    • Cover if you contract any type of infectious disease and your regulatory body restricts you from practising, even if you are physically capable of performing your duties.
    • Cover for the cost of salaries for all non-income generating employees, including relatives regardless if they full-time, part-time, contract or casual.
    • You’re covered for the net cost of employing a locum when you can’t work.
    • As your medical practice grows your level of protection can grow with it – with up to 15% increase each year without the need for medical tests.

    Simple Options

    • Your choice of waiting period of 30 or 90 days.
    • Choose between stepped or level premiums.
    • A range of ownership options to suit your circumstances including self-ownership, ownership by another individual, a company, partnership, or family trust.

    Avant Practice Expense Cover

    What is Practice Expense Cover?

    Protect your share of the everyday costs of running your practice, if you are prevented from practising due to illness or injury. When you have a practice, knowing your ongoing practice expenses can be covered is important

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    Doctor specific insurance benefits

    Cover your practice expenses if you cant perform the duties specific to your own speciality  
    Cover for infectious conditions resulting in you being restricted from performing the duties of your occupation.  
    Payment extension benefit and lease extension benefit also available for additional periods of time if still unable to work due to illness or injury.  

    Eligibility for Practice Expense Cover

    Avant Life Insurance is available only to registered medical practitioners. If your spouse is a doctor they can also get cover. If your spouse is not a doctor AFS can help by recommending another life insurance provider.


      To be eligible for Practice Expense Cover, at the time of application you must be:

    • an Australian resident,
    • aged between 20 to 60,
    • a registered medical practitioner,
    • gainfully employed for at least 20 hours per week, and
    • either self-employed or a medical practice owner or part-owner of a medical practice.
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    For full terms, conditions, limitations and eligibility please refer to the Avant Life Insurance Product Disclosure Statement which is also available by calling us on 1800 128 268 or emailing us at avantlife@avant.org.au. Alternatively, schedule an appointment with one of our advisers.