• Clinical Services

    More than meets the eye

    When you look at the services you provide, you will realise there is more than just the medical services and treatments you offer as a practitioner. The patients will see the whole of the business as the service - from the appointment times available to the accessibility of after-hours medical information and assistance.

    Specific medical services (e.g. radiology and pathology) rely on referred patients. By referring a patient to a particular provider, you are giving your implied assurance of a quality service. You need to ensure the services you provide meet the expectations of your referring practitioners and the patient. They are both very important customers. The services provided in addition to your core services will be what add value to your business.

    The key is to match your range of services and benefits to the perceived needs of your patients. This can be achieved by knowing your patients. Patient surveys and focus groups help you understand not only who your patients are but also their needs. Ask them:

    • What is important to them when they visit a doctor?
    • What services and facilities do they like to see in a practice?
    • How can you help them access your services better?

    Tools and Resources

    Download the Services checklist 

    Improving your practice

    It is better practice to offer some flexibility and convenience to patients. 

    • appointment times and availability to suit patients
    • after-hours services
    • home visits
    • convenient payment methods
    • pleasant waiting areas
    • nursing or other technical services
    • a good communications system