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FactsheetsMedical records
Storing, retaining and disposing of medical records You must take all reasonable steps to protect the security of your medical records. The requirements for securely storing records have different practical applications for electronic and hardcopy reco...
FactsheetsMedical records
Medical records of deceased patients After a patient dies your duty of confidentially continues and you have ongoing obligations to manage their medical records including your duty not to reveal confidential information about a patient w...
Doctors' health & wellbeingPodcasts
Podcasts: Michael Myers discusses doctors' wellbeing Georgie Haysom Head of Research Education and Advocacy at Avant recently sat down with Michael Myers a professor of clinical psychiatry from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn New York. Profes...
Digital healthPodcasts
Podcast: It happened to me: Cyber attack When staff at a specialist practice turned on their computers one day in January 2018 they found they couldn t access any of their systems because the practice was the victim of a cyber-attack. In thi...
Digital healthFactsheets
Steps to protect your practice from a cyber security incident: things to consider Preparation is your best defence to minimise the chance of a cyber security incident. This factsheet provides a quick guide on the following issues: the importance of policies and procedures implement...
Digital healthFactsheets
Responding to a cyber security incident This factsheet aims to help you prepare for and respond to a cyber security incident. It provides a quick guide on: recognising a cyber security incident minimising the damage when to seek expert advi...
ChecklistsDigital healthFactsheets
Cyber security checklist This cyber security checklist can assist you in reviewing security measures in your practice. If the check reveals your security measures are not adequate update them.
Digital healthVideos
Being aware of cyber security At some stage in either your professional or personal life you may become the victim of a cyber incident. Preparation for such an event and knowing what to do if an incident occurs is essential to min...
VideosWorkplace & employment
Retiring well This 10 minute presentation by James Wedesweller Manager Risk Advisory Avant discusses what you need to plan for in order to retire well.
Considerations when determining capacity In this 10 minute video Dr Jane Ingham a Senior Medical Adviser at Avant explores how to determine a patients capacity. She discusses when a determination might be required and how the capacity assess...
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