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Coroner recommends better communication between surgical professionals in complex surgery cases The death of a patient after dental surgery prompted the coroner to call for changes to improve consideration of and communication about anaesthetic risks in surgery.
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Coroner finds poor handover systems between hospitals contributed to patient death Coronial decision illustrates the importance of taking a detailed history and considering possible differential diagnoses making detailed notes to facilitate handover of care and consultants providing...
ConsentCase studiesMedical recordsPatient communicationPractising professionally
Aged care physician reprimanded for poor clinical decision-making, record-keeping, and communication in end-of-life care Complaints against a specialist geriatrician relating to her treatment of 12 patients in end-of-life care highlight the importance of clear communication and collaborative decision-making with patient...
Case studiesPatient carePatient communicationPractising professionally
O&G reprimanded over diagnostic error Diagnostic error can occur for many reasons. Doctors must remain vigilant to ensure thorough assessment and to avoid assumptions or omissions. Doctors should document their decision making including n...
ConsentCase studiesMedical recordsPatient communicationPractising professionally
GP required to attend for psychiatric treatment before returning to practice after repeated boundary complaints It is never acceptable to have a close personal and/or sexual relationship with a current patient. The power imbalance implicit in a doctor-patient relationship means it never appropriate to ask curre...
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Video - Navigate your medical career In this 60 minute webinar hosted by Avant Doctor-in-Training Medical Adviser Dr Ben Vialle and presented by Dr Jocelyn Lowinger you can learn how to identify your values and motivations explore non-cl...
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Psychosocial hazards Psychosocial hazards are aspects of work both inherent in the role as well as within the work environment which have the potential to cause psychological or physical harm.
Good Samaritans – assisting in an emergency Good Samaritan legislation in each Australian state and territory can protect you from personal civil liability if you act in good faith.
eLearning coursesManaging patient incidents
When patients complain When patients make a complaint about an outcome more often than not what they are seeking is an explanation. This course discusses managing of a patient complaint utilising a case study scenario.
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eLearning coursesManaging patient incidents
Managing Patient Expectations For many doctors the consent process presents one of the more challenging aspects of their practice. Ensuring that patients are presented with all of the aspects of the consent discussion -including t...
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