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ArticlesPatient communication
Communication breakdown – how do you fare? The CRICO Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures Benchmarking Report highlights some familiar problems. It notes communication as a factor in 30% of cases. This can be communication between healt...
ArticlesConsentManaging patient incidents
Hip replacement negligence case dropped It is common for patients to experience leg discrepancy after undergoing hip replacement surgery. However orthopaedic surgeons often fail to warn patients about the risk of this adverse outcome which ...
ArticlesConsentManaging patient incidents
Surgery for obese patients: protect your patient and yourself from increased risks In 2014-15 63.4% of Australian adults were overweight or obese which has increased significantly from 56.3% in 1995. This means that surgeons and anaesthetists are treating more patients with a Body M...
ArticlesManaging patient incidents
Complaint against registrar over patient death puts impact on doctors in spotlight I felt incompetent upset and totally alone. At times I was working at the hospital from six am till nine pm you don t stop for coffee you don t stop to pee and then you get told that you have killed s...
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