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Care or responsibility? The role of a GP supervisor As a supervisor am I legally liable if my registrar makes a mistake? While modern medicine may be a team sport it s also important that each of us understand our roles and responsibilities in deliveri...
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Patient testimonials: are you compliant? The issue of patient testimonials has been in the news recently with an online booking business under scrutiny because of its review system. According to media reports editing of the patient reviews o...
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Fitness to fly: the reporting conundrum Your patient is an experienced commercial airline pilot and has presented to you due to anxiety issues. During the consultation he makes a dramatic admission and says he recently used drugs intravenou...
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Don’t get reeled in by Australia’s most common scam Phishing continues to be the most common scam experienced by Australian consumers and businesses by far 68% higher than the next category identity theft a new report reveals.
The hardest word: saying sorry matters Every doctor will face situations where treatment doesn t go as well as planned whether it s an inherent risk or an error of some kind. How the adverse event is handled can make a big difference to th...
Are we all clear? Multidisciplinary care Multidisciplinary care has become increasingly common as the benefits to both the patients and health professionals have made apparent. These include improved health outcomes and satisfaction for pati...
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Avant statement on My Health Record Avant supports the aims and potential benefits of the My Health Record (MHR) system. This statement details the reasoning behind our position and highlights the benefits and potential risks.
ArticlesDigital healthMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
You've got mail – but should you reply? The Privacy Act does not prescribe how a healthcare organisation should communicate health information to patients or third parties. Any method of communication may be used as long as the organisation...
SafeScript is coming soon: how doctors can prepare Doctors in Victoria will need to ensure their AHPRA details are up-to-date and they are aware of new law reforms now in effect with the introduction of SafeScript the real-time prescription monitoring...
ArticlesDigital healthMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Uploading pathology and diagnostic images to My Health Record Pathology and diagnostic imaging reports can now be added to a My Health Record (MHR). However we understand that not all providers have yet begun adding reports to MHR
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