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FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Workplace bullying Bullying occurs when a worker is subjected to repeated unreasonable behaviour by an individual or group while at work which creates a risk to health and safety.
FactsheetsPrivacy & confidentiality
Responding to data breach Healthcare organisations need to be prepared for both cyber and traditional threats to the security of the personal health information they hold.
Digital healthFactsheetsMedical records
My Health Record FAQs Need help navigating the My Health Record system? Our medico-legal experts have created guidance for doctors including FAQs and a suite of resources
FactsheetsMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Data breach obligations for My Health Record If you are using the My Health Record in your practice your practice must notify the Australian Digital Health Agency and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of certain data breaches...
FactsheetsPatient care
Victorian voluntary assisted dying law FAQs Voluntary assisted dying laws came into effect in Victoria on 19 June 2019. Our medico-legal experts have created the below FAQs to help you understand the law the processes and your obligations.
ChecklistsDigital healthFactsheets
Cyber security checklist This cyber security checklist can assist you in reviewing security measures in your practice. If the check reveals your security measures are not adequate update them.
Digital healthFactsheets
Responding to a cyber security incident This factsheet aims to help you prepare for and respond to a cyber security incident. It provides a quick guide on: recognising a cyber security incident minimising the damage when to seek expert advi...
Digital healthFactsheets
Steps to protect your practice from a cyber security incident: things to consider Preparation is your best defence to minimise the chance of a cyber security incident. This factsheet provides a quick guide on the following issues: the importance of policies and procedures implement...
FactsheetsMedical records
Medical records of deceased patients After a patient dies your duty of confidentially continues and you have ongoing obligations to manage their medical records including your duty not to reveal confidential information about a patient w...
FactsheetsMedical records
Storing, retaining and disposing of medical records You must take all reasonable steps to protect the security of your medical records. The requirements for securely storing records have different practical applications for electronic and hardcopy reco...
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