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Managing patient incidentsFactsheets
Anaesthetic dental damage A common call received from anaesthetists by our medico-legal advisers is when a patient complains of dental damage often the loss of or damage to a tooth during surgery. A recent analysis of our anae...
FactsheetsPatient carePatient communication
Managing differences: care and compliance This factsheet reviews your options and responsibilities when you have a patient who does not accept your advice or refuses to follow your recommended treatment.
FactsheetsPractising professionally
Mandatory notifications for treating practitioners In this factsheet we outline what your obligations are under the National Law regarding the mandatory notification of a healthcare practitioner that you are treating as a patient of yours. This will a...
FactsheetsPractising professionally
Mandatory notifications about health practitioners In this factsheet we outline what your obligations are under the National Law regarding the mandatory notification of another healthcare practitioner or student. A mandatory notification is only requi...
Courts & reportsDoctors' health & wellbeingManaging patient incidentsFactsheets
What happens when you need our support Receiving a claim or complaint can be confronting even when you are expecting it. Once you notify us however your claim unfolds we will work as a team to advise or defend you throughout the process.
Managing patient incidentsFactsheets
COVID-19 Government Stimulus Package – What this may mean for you and your practice? On 12 March the Australian Government announced a significant Economic Response to the Coronavirus and on Sunday 22 March significantly boosted that response. Further many banks have announced support...
Digital healthFactsheetsPatient communication
COVID-19 telehealth essentials In this factsheet we outline what your obligations for delivering care to patients via telehealth in a COVID-19 environment. Basic principles and professional requirements are outlined.
Substitute decision makers Many doctors will encounter situations where there is a need to provide care for a patient who has limited or no capacity to make health care decisions for themselves. For these situations the law has...
Digital healthFactsheetsPractising professionally
Advertising guidelines when promoting your practice Advertising can be a useful way to reach patients. You do however have an obligation to ensure your advertising is not misleading. Understand your legal and ethical responsibilities with this factshee...
Digital healthFactsheetsPatient communicationPrivacy & confidentiality
Email communication with patients: privacy and patient safety Patients are increasingly expecting their doctors to communicate via email as it is often easier and more convenient for them. There are several issues to consider from a privacy patient safety and co...
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