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Prescribing drugs of dependence Drugs of dependence have properties which make them addictive and they have a high potential for misuse. Broadly drugs of dependence are opioids sedatives steroids and stimulants. When prescribed and ...
Courts & reportsFactsheets
How to write a coronial statement Being involved in a coronial process can be very daunting. Knowing what to write when a statement is requested is especially challenging. Be aware of your obligations and responsibilities if you find ...
FactsheetsPatient care
Missed or delayed diagnosis At times a diagnosis can be delayed or missed for many different reasons. Once this is identified the next steps in the process and patient care are very important. This factsheet outlines your respon...
Digital healthFactsheetsPractising professionally
Messaging Apps: communicating safely in clinical practice Use of messaging apps is becoming increasingly common in a clinical environment. They have many great advantages that improve communication and patient care. You also need to be aware of the privacy a...
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Managing COVID-19 health and safety risks in medical practice Maintaining a safe workplace in your practice during COVID-19 has obligations such as conducting a risk assessment and managing any issues that arise. Understand your responsibilities and obligations ...
Digital healthFactsheets
Using a personal device for communicating at work When using your personal device at work you need to consider issues of hospital policy security and your choice of platforms. This flowchart outlines the process and your responsibilities.
Digital healthFactsheets
Taking a clinical image When taking a clinical image you need to evaluate the purpose of taking the image and then share document and store the image accordingly. This flowchart outlines the process and your responsibilities...
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