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Video - Issues when treating staff This 5 minute video by Sonya Black - Avant s Special Counsel Employment gives advice about the difficult situation when you are asked to treat staff family or friends highlighting your responsibilitie...
Patient carePatient communicationVideos
Video - Assessing fitness to drive This 5 minute presentation by Dr Mark Woodrow Avant Medical Adviser discusses the issues you may face when assessing a patient for fitness to drive. He outlines your ethical legal and clinical respons...
Doctors' health & wellbeingPatient communicationPractising professionallyVideos
Video - Ending the doctor patient relationship This 5 minute video by Dr Mark Woodrow Avant Medical Adviser explores the legal and ethical issues you may face when ending a doctor-patient relationship.
Practising professionallyVideos
Video - Risk Management 101 This 5 minute video by Marianna Kelly Risk Adviser Avant explains the concept of risk management and how it can help manage the risks you may face in your practice.
Practising professionallyVideos
Video - Education Plans This 5 minute video by Annabel Herron Risk Adviser Avant explores the education plan program Avant offers for members and how it may assist you to demonstrate your commitment to quality and profession...
Doctors' health & wellbeingVideos
Setting your sights to thrive.
Vodcast with Dr James Muecke
Dr James Muecke Ophthalmologist and 2020 Australian of the Year is interviewed by ABC Medical Reporter Sophie Scott
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Leading through a crisis Rarely is a doctor in a position where their advice impacts the lives of millions yet Professor Brendan Murphy found himself in that position. As the Chief Medical Officer for the Commonwealth Governm...
Courts & reportsVideos
Giving evidence in a criminal court: tips and advice During your career you may be served with a subpoena or summons requiring you to give evidence in a criminal court in relation to a patient you have cared for. In our short video we give you useful ad...
Courts & reportsVideos
Preparing a statement for the coroner It is possible that during your career you may need to prepare a statement for the coroner in relation to a patient you have cared for. Watch this short video to find out more
VideosWorkplace & employment
Meeting with hospital administration At times in your career you may be asked to attend a meeting with your employer as part of a disciplinary process performance management or other employment process. This 5 minute video Helen Turnbull...
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