• Risk Advisory Services

  • Additional support for practices to help you reduce your medico-legal risks and claims

    In today’s complex healthcare environment, with patient complaints on the rise and increased mandatory reporting requirements, the chances are greater that your practice may be exposed to medico-legal risk.

    There are many ways your practice, its staff, systems and processes can contribute to a poor patient outcomes, leaving your practice business and team exposed to legal action. Sometimes you need someone outside your business to help you identify areas needing improvement, to minimise your risk exposure – before an adverse event happens

    Avant’s risk advisory service is a group of experienced healthcare professionals with extensive knowledge of medico-legal risk. They will work with you to improve your practise and reduce your risk.

    Does your practice need a risk assessment?

    Have you considered your medico-legal risk if:

    • there’s a lapse in a follow-up or referral procedure and a patient’s condition worsens?
    • your practice manuals and procedures are subpoenaed by a court?
    • confidential medical information about a patient is not kept private?
    • your practice is involved in a Medicare audit relating to the Medicare Shared Debt Recovery legislation?

    Avant’s Risk Advisory Service provides a personalised risk assessment to help your practice reduce your exposure to claims, by improving:

    • communication with patients (one of the top 5 reasons for patient complaints*)
    • privacy protocols within your practice
    • documenting patient information
    • systems and procedures
    • staff management processes

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    Watch these videos for more information:

    Risk Management 101

    This 5 minute video by Marianna Kelly, Risk Adviser, Avant explains the concept of risk management and how it can help manage the risks you may face in your practice.

    Education plans

    This 5 minute video by Annabel Herron, Risk Adviser, Avant explores the education plan program Avant offers for members and how it may assist you to demonstrate your commitment to quality and professionalism.

    Reflective practice

    This 6 minute video Annabel Herron, Risk Adviser, Avant outlines the value of reflective practice in relation to a disciplinary matter and education programs.

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    *23% of claims and complaints were related to practitioner behaviours, including communication issues. (Source: Avant claims and complaints insights: General Practitioners)