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Most doctors will remain Avant members for many years, even decades. The Loyalty Reward Plan is our way of saying thank you to members for their loyalty. Under this plan, eligible members receive a deduction from their premium, depending on their length of tenure with Avant.

Avant continues to focus on returning benefits to members, so eligible members receive a deduction from their premium ranging from 4% to 12% depending on their individual tenure with Avant*. In 2022-23, over 46,000 members were eligible for a premium rebate under our LRP, saving them a total of $27.9m in premium payments.

To check your eligibility, contact us.

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*Not all members are eligible for a LRP reward. Members not eligible include medical students, interns, RMOs and DITs and members who have their professional indemnity policy purchased on their behalf under a corporate group arrangement. However, membership years as an intern, RMO and DIT will be included in tenure calculations. The provision of any future LRP reward is not guaranteed.

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