• Lease, buy or build

    Which options is best for your practice?

    A major decision for you as the business owner is the type of premises you require and how you will acquire them. This will depend largely on the available finances and the ownership structure. The financial option you select should be built into your long-term business plan. It is wise to seek professional advice from financial advisers, property consultants and your legal representative.

    Things to consider when deciding on the type of premises you require:

    • Should you lease, buy or build?
    • What are the pros and cons of each type of occupancy?
    • If you're going to lease a building, ensure that a formal lease agreement or contract of sale exists that is soundly negotiated and regularly reviewed (if required).
    • Investigate finance availability and loan options.
    • Compare interest rates offered by financial institutions (your college or association can often guide you on alliances they have formed).
    • Discuss with your accountant the appropriate length of loan and repayment structure.
    • Prepare budget forecasts to ensure repayments will be met.
    • Who will be responsible for structural maintenance?
    • Will you need to renovate/alter the current facilities?
    • Discuss with your accountant the pros and cons of having the premises as an asset.
    • Does the building comply with regulations including disability access, parking and fire safety, etc.?
    • Are you compliant with council regulations?

    Tools and Resources

    Download the Building checklist