Owning your future

A step-by-step guide to practice set-up success

Making the move into practice

Making the move into practice ownership adds another dimension to being a doctor. Working for yourself, rather than an employer, means you can set your own terms and determine what you want from your career.

There are three different paths you can take to become a practice owner: start your own practice from scratch, acquire and take over a practice, or buy into a practice and become a business partner. To learn more about the process of starting a practice, read the ‘Owning your future’ guide by clicking the link below.

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Episode 1: Start with the why

In this episode, Dr Bronwyn King introduces us to the humble yet highly successful GP, Dr Floyd Gomes. With nine practices under his belt and a variety of other entrepreneurial ventures on the go, he is sure to provide some valuable insights to aspiring practice owners.

Two doctors in medical practice room

If you want to learn a lot about yourself, about life, about all your own biases, and challenge those, then you should be in business because you don't get that from standing on the sidelines and thinking about it. You get that from doing it.

Dr Floyd Gomes
GP and Founder, Atticus Health

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Episode 2: Location and look

Dr Bronwyn King and Julian Muldoon, expert medical property consultant, unveil the secrets of masterful location and property selection, while Dr Ryan De Cruz helps us to uncover whether practice aesthetic influences staff and patient experiences.

Dr Bronwyn King and Julian Muldoon, expert medical property consultant, sitting in a building undergoing a fit-out wearing high visibility vests.

Surround yourself with a great team. That is the biggest piece of advice I can offer aspiring practice owners. Dianne Stewart from Avant Finance was critical in helping not only with the finance, but the business planning also.

Dr Ryan De Cruz
Dermatologist and Founder, Southern Dermatology

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Episode 3: Am I ready to leap?

In this episode, Dr Bronwyn King meets with Mark Amott, a medical practice set-up consultant whose key expertise is to nurture other people’s medical practices to success.

A female and male walking outside and talking

Any doctor in private practice can consider going out on their own. They may want something more from the way they practice or simply more control over their lives.

Mark Amott
Practice Consultant and Associate, My Practice Services

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Bonus episode: Med tech revelations

The world of medical tech is evolving at breakneck speed, but what are some of the practical implications on the medical practice you may be starting? Dr Bronwyn King joins Zoe Callister Hakewill (Medical technology podcaster) in conversation, about just a few of the revelations in this space right now.

Two women talking.

When it comes to med tech, education is key. Researching, connecting with clinicians and reaching out to the technology companies themselves is a great place to begin. A lot of companies even offer free trials.

Zoe Callister-Hakewill
Beyond the Medicine Cabinet podcast creator

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