Medical equipment in a practice room.

Seeking the latest technology for your patients?

Whether you’re buying or leasing imaging, surgical, dental, or other vital equipment – our finance specialists can help doctors obtain the right finance solution with less red tape

Man driving car

Purchasing a car for business use?

It feels good to find your perfect car. Whether you’re planning to get behind the wheel for business or pleasure, arrange the right financing option, quickly and easily, with expert help from an Avant Finance specialist.

Practice reception/waiting room

Needing a practice fit-out?

A positive first impression is important for your practice to make. A fit-out loan can allow you to make your practice aesthetically more pleasing for your clients.

Male doctor in medical practice room.

Starting or buying into a practice?

If you’re a doctor looking to buy or partner in an established practice or open a brand new one, the right lender and loan are crucial. Our medical lending specialists help you create the business and future you’re ready for.

Commercial building

Considering a permanent home for your practice?

Owning your practice premises is a major financial step up. Our lending specialists can provide you with insight and options that ensure you start your journey with the right loan and structure.

Medical practice.

How do you purchase a property for your practice within your SMSF?

Essentially, you are using your self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase the practice property and then pay rent to your SMSF. Doctors favour this option because it helps them acquire wealth and asset growth, which is important for retirement

Medical professionals shaking hands.

Interested in business credit?

Whether it’s for staff wages, paying bills or other everyday expenses, our doctor’s lending specialists can ensure you always have the funds and peace of mind to cover your practice costs.

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