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  • Chairs' message

  • Representing our colleagues is both an honour and a significant responsibility for the member directors of the Avant Board. Avant is a mutual organisation, and the doctors on the board ensure the interests and needs of members are kept at the heart of everything we do. This member-centricity undoubtedly drives our leaders and staff at all levels of the organisation.

    In line with our desire to ensure an orderly rotation of director roles, this year sees the transition of the Chair. The handover happens during a period of sustained success for Avant, having experienced another excellent year in 2018-19, to maintain a history of positive outcomes for members as well as prudent financial management.

    One of the most significant strategies adopted by the board was to diversify our range of products beyond medical indemnity. This started in 2012 with the acquisition of Doctors’ Health Fund, and we are immensely proud of its performance and products. The fund does a great job for its members and in supporting the private health sector. Its stellar growth and excellent reputation among members attest to the wisdom of this initiative.

    By diversifying our range of products and services, Avant provides greater security for members’ assets and long-term financial health. Members benefit from access to good value products specifically tailored for doctors.

    Another initiative we’re particularly proud to have been a part of was the introduction of the Avant Retirement Reward Plan in 2014. The plan enables Avant to acknowledge the premiums members have contributed over their careers when they retire from medical practice. To date, we have notionally contributed $407 million to the plan, and paid out $28 million in franked dividends.

    It also gives us great pleasure to see Avant invest in activities supporting improvements in medical practice. One such activity is the Avant Foundation, a not-for-profit established in 2017 that manages scholarship and grant programs for doctors to undertake research to advance quality, safety and professionalism in medicine. This modest investment has the potential to significantly impact the lives of patients and healthcare providers across Australia, and even globally.

    As the healthcare landscape evolves and doctors face changes to the law and regulations, it is a core role for Avant to assist members to understand their obligations and manage their risks. Over the last year we have continued the significant investment in communicating with members about the changing environment, as well as presenting at conferences, producing resources and articles, and providing a Risk Advisory Service. We will continue to share our insights with you as we see changes that impact members.

    Although the Chair of the board has changed, Avant will continue its focus on supporting, advising, defending and protecting doctors. We want to be seen as an asset for you, our members.

    As a mutual, we depend upon your ongoing support – on behalf of all of us at Avant, we thank you.

    And finally, Avant exists purely for the benefit of its members, so we encourage you to vote in the upcoming member elections and have your say on how your mutual is managed.

    Bev and Simon signature