• Practice Medical
    Indemnity Insurance

    Cover for claims made against the practice entity

  • Protection for the practice – confidence for you.

    There are many ways the practice – i.e. non-medical staff, practice systems and processes – can create or contribute to a poor patient outcome, leaving the practice exposed to legal action. Avant's Practice Medical Indemnity Insurance covers the legal costs of defending the practice and its employees against allegations and complaints, as well as compensation for patient loss or injury.

  • Avant’s Practice Medical Indemnity. What it covers.^

  • The Avant Practice Medical Indemnity policy provides cover for the practice and medical staff for incidents arising from the management and administration of vaccines provided the practice would normally administer vaccinations as part of your healthcare services e.g. GP practice.

    The cover is for situations that may result in a claim against the practice entity including:

    • patient adverse reaction to vaccine, provided staff member has the appropriate training and qualifications to administer the vaccine
    • administering the vaccine away from the practice, such as a practice nurse attending a nursing home or a separate clinic
    • complaints made to a tribunal or registration board against the practice in relation to healthcare services provided

    To stay up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, visit Avant’s COVID-19 webpage

    In response to matters brought by a state health complaint entity or criminal or coronial investigations, Avant's team of medico-legal experts will assist you and your employees with everything from drafting a formal response and preparing for a hearing, to defending the practice or it's non-medical practitioner employees.

    Reasons a practice may face an investigation or inquiry include:

    • refusal to treat a patient
    • coronial inquiry
    • allegation of discrimination
    • communication issue.

    Your policy includes legal costs of defending the practice, and compensation amounts you may become liable to pay.

    Situations that may result in a patient injury or loss claim against the practice entity include:

    • failure to follow up
    • breach of patient privacy
    • practice nurse administering the wrong vaccine
    • a patient being seen by a number of doctors and it is unclear which (if any) have been negligent.

    Our Medico-legal Advisory Service can provide personalised advice to prevent a dispute from escalating. Your policy also covers legal costs to defend a dispute.

    Common reasons why practices contact Avant for advice or defence include:

    • disputes with staff
    • disputes between staff
    • employees' use of social media
    • employment contracts.

    Your policy includes legal costs, and in the case of a revenue or taxation audit, accounting fees, to respond to an audit of your business.

    Your practice may be audited by:

    • the Australian Taxation Office
    • Medicare

    An allegation or complaint may adversely affect revenue due to a reduction in patient numbers. Your policy includes costs for a public relations consultant.

    Many practices unintentionally breach advertising laws through the use of testimonials and social media. Your policy includes access to medico-legal advice and legal costs to defend the practice.

  • ^Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

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