• Support systems

    Internal and external support

    Now you have determined your skills and interests, matched these to a patient-base and set up practice - what next?

    You need to ensure that the services you are providing are supported by both your internal practice and the external health care system.

    You also need to ensure there are no restrictions on your proposed services.

    Internal support systems

    • Qualified staff
    • Staff trained to your needs and mode of operation
    • Management structure
    • Employment documents and contracts
    • Job descriptions and organisational charts
    • Induction/orientation programs for staff
    • A good understanding and copies of relevant employment awards
    • Policies and procedures manual
    • Equipment maintenance systems
    • Stock control systems
    • Work Health and Safety guidelines (formerly Occupational Health and Safety)
    • Financial/accountant advice and assistance
    • Patient follow-up systems
    • Health promotion systems
    • Risk management strategies
    • Complaint handling systems

    External support systems

    • Equipment maintenance technicians
    • Dependable medical suppliers
    • Reliable electricity supply
    • Backup medical services for emergencies
    • Reliable telecommunications, internet provider and IT systems

    Issues to consider in regard to providing services

    • Appropriate qualifications and registrations for both yourself and all practice staff (e.g. practice nurses)
    • Appropriate insurance/indemnity cover, both professional indemnity and practice policy indemnity
    • Appropriate licences (e.g. radiology and pharmaceutical)
    • Building and room requirements (e.g. radiology and pathology)
    • Local council requirements (e.g. zoning)
    • Environmental protection authorities (e.g. waste disposal)
    • Ongoing continuing professional development for all technical and nursing staff (all recorded on a staff CPD register)
    • Registration, licences and insurance register to ensure all renewals are up to date and copies of new certificates kept on file
    • Standards and accreditation requirements