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    Representing the interests of our members and the medical profession as a whole

  • The role of Advocacy at Avant

    Because we are a mutual organisation, representing and advocating for the interests of our members is a responsibility Avant takes seriously, especially when it comes to the big issues that impact on your ability to practise. Through negotiation with key stakeholders including government, statutory bodies and regulatory authorities, we aim to be a loud and credible voice, to positively influence change, so we can make a difference to health policy and to the way you practise.

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    Read Avant’s discussion paper on genomic testing and medico-legal risk.

  • Avant position papers

    As a mutual, we are committed to using our combined resources and experience to the advantage of our members. Read below Avant's position on issues affecting our members.

    Covid statement


    We believe that action should be taken in the areas of PPE, telehealth and workers compensation to improve the health and wellbeing of healthcare workers.

    My Health Record - Avant statement

    My Health Record

    Avant supports the aims of the My Health Record system particularly to help overcome fragmentation of health information.

    Free Speech Advocacy Page (520x290)

    Freedom of speech

    Avant agrees with the principle of freedom of speech but acknowledges that there are limitations (often enshrined in legislation), not just for doctors but for everyone.


    Continuous quality improvement

    Avant supports mechanisms for continuous quality improvement which encourage and support doctors to assess their skills against applicable standards and expectations for quality health care.


    Mandatory reporting of health professionals

    Avant supports national adoption of the WA exemption from mandatory reporting obligations for the treating health practitioner.


    Voluntary assisted dying framework

    Any legislative framework must be clear, consistent, and protect health practitioners as well as patients.


    National Registration and Accreditation Scheme

    Avant supports the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme but highlights that improvements can be made.


    Handling professional conduct complaints against doctors

    Avant supports a nationally consistent approach to complaints handling, not only in terms of process but also in terms of outcomes.



    Telehealth is increasingly becoming an important feature in a wide range of health services. Read about Avant’s experience, the benefit and risks of telehealth and current professional guidelines.


    Primary care reform

    Avant believes that a strong and well‑supported primary care sector led by general practice will improve health outcomes for all Australians, especially for those with complex chronic conditions.


    Medicare Benefits Schedule review

    Avant supports the review of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and agrees that the MBS should be updated to reflect current, evidence-based medical practice.


    Mandatory data breach notification

    Avant believes that a mandatory data breach notification law is unnecessary.


    The impact of claims and complaints on doctors’ health and wellbeing

    Avant believes improvements can be made to ensure practitioners are properly supported throughout a claim, complaint or other regulatory or legal process.


    Prescribing drugs of dependence

    Avant supports the implementation of a national real-time prescription monitoring system.


    Advance care planning and end-of-life decision making

    Avant supports a nationally consistent approach to advance care planning and end-of-life decision making.



    Avant recognises the benefits of e-health initiatives in a modern health system, but e-health systems must address issues around practitioners’ medico-legal risk.


    National Disability Insurance Scheme

    Avant supports the NDIS provided its financial impacts on doctors are at least net neutral but it has several concerns.

    open disclosure position statement

    Open disclosure

    Avant supports open disclosure by its members that occurs in accordance with the National Open Disclosure Standard.


    Health and wellbeing

    Avant believes that to maintain your health and wellbeing doctors need access to appropriate support and services.

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    Through lobbying, negotiation and education with political leaders and health bodies, Avant takes an advocacy role to represent member interests and those of the profession as a whole. Access the full list of Avant's submissions.