COVID-19 Government indemnity scheme and vaccines information


No-fault indemnity scheme provides certainty for patients and practitioners

01 September 2021 | Avant media

Avant has welcomed the announcement by Minister Hunt of the Commonwealth Government’s no fault COVID-19 Vaccine Claim Scheme.

The pace of the vaccine development and roll out has caused concern for doctors about their medico-legal risks and liability and the change in advice about the AstraZeneca vaccine has increased this concern.

Avant and other medical groups have been advocating to the Department of Health over many months for an equitable scheme that is easy for patients to access and does not burden or involve administrators (doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc.) in COVID-19 vaccination related claims should they arise.

The new Scheme will reassure doctors and those administering the vaccine by supporting claims made against health professionals who administer a TGA approved Covid-19 vaccine.

We thank the minister for listening to the concerns of doctors and believe this is an important measure to strengthen Australia’s vaccination program. Avant looks forward to working with the Government to ensure the Scheme operates as intended.

Avant has consistently reassured its members that, subject to their policy terms and conditions, they are covered under their Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy for advising patients and administering Covid-19 vaccines. 

Avant is Australia’s leading medical indemnity insurer providing cover to the majority of doctors.

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