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Call Overflow and Virtual Reception (COVR)

If you are finding telephone calls are going unanswered, patients are being left on hold, and an increasing number of phone messages are being left for your overworked front desk team, then our Call Overflow Virtual Reception Service can help you overcome these challenges. Our experienced team of Australian-based medical receptionists can take incoming calls and complete administration tasks, just like an extension of your in-house team.

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Increased number of calls answered

The COVR team will operate in perfect alignment with your on-site team, taking telephone calls on your phone number, managing questions and administration tasks. We will work with you to design a call flow that best meets your needs. Whatever the model, by flexibly increasing your in-bound call answering resources you will find improved patient satisfaction and increase operational efficiency for your front desk staff. When your patients don't have to wait on hold, they'll be more satisfied and your front desk team won’t be so distracted by constantly ringing phones, distracting them from patient care.

Access to experienced team

We work in small teams to work as a true extension of your in-house workforce. As trained medical secretaries familiar with medical practice workflows, we assist by answering your calls effectively and actively manage the administration tasks and questions that may arise. Trained in the workings of your practice, our bespoke offering reduces the strain on busy front-of-house staff and provides resilience to cope with unexpected leave, or surges in telephone activity. Our team will answer your calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Increased staff efficiency

Clarity around roles and confidence that phone calls are being handled allows staff to confidently focus on the jobs at hand, completing them more efficiently and increasing overall productivity. This leads to higher staff engagement, better job satisfaction, better performance and staff retention. COVR provides a cost-effective way to increase capacity without having to go through the process of employing new staff.

Tailored to your needs

The COVR solution is designed with your workflow and practice in mind. The call pathways and services can be adjusted over time to meet your changing needs. The administration expertise that we bring not only improves the capabilities of your call answering, but we can advise about other administration processes that help your practice.

Creates less impact with absent staff

One problem with permanent onsite staff is that doctors are left relying on single employees. Our team are there to help when staff are sick or on leave, so your telephone calls are always covered. It also means a broader spread of information so that if one member of your virtual team leaves, their knowledge doesn’t leave with them.

Stable and flexible

Remove the burden of managing calls and administration tasks with our virtual staff to offer a reliable and adaptable solution, aiming to provide support when and where you need it. They can alleviate a multitude of time-consuming tasks, freeing your energy and focus for what matters most – your patients.

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Frequently asked questions

We support all kinds of practices, from single-doctor practices to large multisite, multi-doctor practices.

Our virtual reception services replicate administration tasks on-site using our off-site teams, through a process of careful on-boarding and training. Your Virtual Administration and Reception Team operates as a true extension of your onsite team, representing you and your practice:

· Bespoke and designed patient care and call answering

· Our goal is to complete the administration tasks triggered by a phone call

· Managing appointment bookings and rescheduling directly into your practice software

· Personal messages relayed via internal messaging, email, text or phone call

· After hours message recording service and follow up

· Support for patient and referrer enquiries regarding your practice operations and services as well as general information

· For GP and larger specialist practices our Call Overflow Virtual Reception (COVR) service supports your front desk team

· For smaller practices our Virtual Administration Reception Service (VARS) includes managing inbound phone calls and all other administration duties

The Call Overflow Virtual Reception (COVR) service is limited to inbound calls, however our team can also provide other administration services, such as:

· End-to-end Theatre List and Admissions Management

· Management of correspondence, both electronic and paper (VARS)

· Sending appointment confirmation reminders via SMS and letters to new patients (VARS)

· Following up outstanding documentation such as referrals and results (VARS)

· Sending correspondence and reports (VARS)

· Processing patient billing and medical insurance claims (Billings+)

· Appointment diary management (VARS)

· Medical transcription (VoiceBox Intelligent Transcription)

Absolutely. Our Call Overflow Virtual Reception service (COVR) is an efficient option that works to improve front-desk efficiency, relieve staffing pressures and ensure a consistently positive experience for patients.

Our staff are trained medical secretaries who are managed in small teams of 3 to 5 people, with a focus on patient care and oversight of healthcare workflows. All have a detailed knowledge of the practices they work with, and access to experience in Practice Management, Medical and Surgical Billings, the Healthcare Industry and private medical practice. Our Australian-based VARS and COVR teams are familiar with:

· Doctor and patient needs

· All leading medical practice software

· Medical practice workflows

· RACGP accreditation standards for call handling and triaging

· Australian Privacy Principles

· Medical terminology

· Medical and surgical billing procedures

· Processes and procedures specific to your practice

Ensure your practice runs efficiently, even when staff need to take time off

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