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FactsheetsPatient communication
Use of interpreters For patients not confident or capable of speaking or understanding English you may need to make use of qualified interpreting services. Review your privacy and general conduct obligations.
FactsheetsPatient care
Discharge from day surgery Patients undergoing day surgery or any procedure that involves sedation should be accompanied home by a responsible adult and should not drive while under the effects of the sedation or narcotic.
FactsheetsPrivacy & confidentiality
Privacy basics and data breaches There are privacy obligations for medical practitioners in Australia in relation to patient communication patient records and health information. This is legislated at both a Commonwealth and state le...
Digital healthFactsheetsPractising professionally
Social media for doctors – keeping it professional Social media offers hundreds of platforms including both professional and personal sites. It can be great for networking but you should be aware of your professional and legal obligations to ensure yo...
FactsheetsPrivacy & confidentiality
Preventing data breaches In the simplest form a data breach is a breach of a person s privacy or the security of information held by an organisation about a person.
FactsheetsPrivacy & confidentiality
Notifying a data breach under the Notifiable Data Breach scheme Notifying a data breach under the Notifiable Data Breach scheme
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
How to negotiate difficult situations with your supervisor Managing conflict can be particularly challenging if there is a power imbalance between yourself and the person you are experiencing conflict with. Explore the issues with this factsheet.
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Dealing with conflict Communication is at the heart of both conflict and conflict resolution. Open and timely communication may prevent conflict or help with the management or resolution of an existing conflict situation. ...
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Performance management Performance management is one of the more challenging aspects of the medical environment. We give you an outline of a suggested process when you have concerns about an aspect of an employee s performa...
FactsheetsPractising professionallyWorkplace & employment
Doctors with disruptive behaviours While most doctors communicate well and adhere to the highest professional standards of behaviour a small number do not and some recurrently display disruptive or intimidating behaviour.
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