Do you have all the cover you need?

When you work in the public health system, you are generally indemnified for medical negligence claims by your employer. However, your employer’s policy may not cover all the areas of medico-legal risk you are exposed to.

With an employer indemnity policy, you may not be protected for the following:

  • disciplinary, coronial and criminal investigations;
  • reporting a healthcare professional or incident, including legal advice on mandatory reporting obligations;
  • a dispute with your employer regarding your professional conduct towards a hospitalised patient;
  • pursuing indemnity from your employer’s insurer if they decline to assist you regarding a claim;
  • private practice and locum work;
  • threats to personal safety;
  • good Samaritan cover;
  • working overseas.

You should check with your employer the cover that may be available to you.

Avant can provide cover for all of these, so you can feel confident your career and reputation are well protected.

How you’re covered with Avant Practitioner Indemnity Insurance

Avant’s Practitioner Indemnity Insurance Policy includes up to $2 million cover^ for legal fees and other expenses associated with:

Cover for responding to a matter from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or Medical Board.

Cover for responding to a coronial inquiry or inquest.

Cover for defending an inquiry or investigation brought against you by a hospital relating to the healthcare you provided to a patient of that hospital.

Cover up to $500k for pursuing or defending a complaint arising in relation to a patient or former patient which relates to or affects the personal safety of you, your immediate family.

Cover for:

  • pursuing or defending a complaint resulting from a dispute with your former, current or proposed employer, or any other person that relates to the contract or proposed contract by which you were, are or will be engaged as a healthcare professional
  • pursuing or defending a complaint relating to a contract or proposed contract between a hospital and you relating to your engagement as a visiting medical practitioner.

Sub-limit $175,000 (subject to joint contribution and other conditions).

Cover up to $500k for defending a complaint against you when reporting a healthcare professional or incident to the appropriate authority where you are required to do so by law. Additional cover includes communicable disease cover (cover for a lump sum amount up to $250,000 depending on your category of practice).

Cover up to $500k for pursuing a complaint against another person who is not a healthcare professional where it is alleged that in the course of your practice as a healthcare professional:

  1. you were defamed by that person; or
  2. you were the subject of an injurious falsehood which resulted in damage or loss to you.

A $20,000 deductible applies.

Cover up to $500k for pursuing cover from another insurer, your employer, a hospital, local health district, medical college, university or government scheme in respect of any fact, matter or circumstance, where they have declined to assist you despite an arrangement or agreement to cover you in the event of a claim or matter in connection with your provision of healthcare.

^Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

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