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Dispute resolution & litigation

At Avant Law, our team has years of experience dealing with complex dispute resolution and litigation matters. Tailored specifically for medical professionals and health practices, our experts understand the unique challenges faced by doctors and health practices to provide them with peace of mind on contract disputes and regulatory issues. Dedicated to protecting your practice, reputation and career, our lawyers will provide effective legal strategies to navigate any dispute and litigation matter to allow you to focus on providing the best patient care possible.

Dispute resolution areas

Commercial & corporate disputes

Advice is available on matters such a navigating a dispute with a supplier who will not meet their obligations and addressing concerns with the level of service you are receiving from your corporate health facilities and service provider.

Employment & workplace disputes

We can assist with managing workplace grievances and investigating workplace complaints, dealing with unfair dismissal and adverse action claims, and complaints of workplace sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination, to enforcing post-employment restraints.

Property disputes

If your landlord is in breach of your lease, we can assist. This could include a breach of quiet enjoyment, or a failure to maintain the building.  Similarly, if the landlord serves you with a Notice to Remedy Breach for an alleged breach of lease caused by you, we can assist. We can also help in retail or commercial lease disputes, at any level.


IMPORTANT: Avant Law Pty Limited is an incorporated legal practice and not a partnership. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Legal practitioners employed by Avant Law Pty Limited are members of the scheme.

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