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Sexual boundaries

In the field of medicine, maintaining professional boundaries is of utmost importance to ensure the highest standards of patient care, trust and ethical practice. An important component of professional boundaries is sexual boundaries. Violations of sexual boundaries are considered especially egregious due to the profound impact they can have on the patient’s health and well-being. The Sexual boundaries elearning activity will assist doctors in understanding their legal and ethical obligations regarding sexual boundaries and examine ways to avoid breaching sexual boundaries.

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Course Details

Course duration

90 minutes

Credit value

This activity is approved in the 2023-25 Triennium for the following hours and types: "Educational Activities": 1.0, "Reviewing Performance": 0.5, "Managing Outcomes": 0.

Completion requirement

80% pass mark required for completion


RAGCP approved activity 569476
RAGCP approved activity 569476
ACRRM approved activity 30908
ACRRM approved activity 30908
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