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Professionalism in medicine: exploring the code of conduct

This webinar discusses the Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia as the foundational document that establishes the professional framework for medical practitioners in Australia. The code of conduct was updated in late 2020 and this discussion brings attention to the aspects of the code that have been amended or added as well as a general discussion of the key concepts. It includes:The key principles of professionalism as it relates to the medical profession. The role the code of conduct has in guiding professional standards. The key standards and expectations discussed in the code.

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Course duration

90 minutes

Credit value

This activity is approved in the 2023-25 Triennium for the following hours and types: "Educational Activities": 1.5, "Reviewing Performance": 0, "Managing Outcomes": 0.

Completion requirement

80% pass mark required for completion


RAGCP approved activity 407961
RAGCP approved activity 407961
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ACRRM approved activity 29239
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