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Introducing PracticeHub's Quality Registers and Custom Registers

As a busy practice owner or manager, we understand the burden of maintaining spreadsheets, reporting incidents, and gathering feedback, which can also take away time from focusing on your patients and the growth of your business.

Running an efficient and quality practice is essential for success. Achieving this requires regular review and refinement of your practice’s documentation and workflows. So how can PracticeHub support you to do this effectively?

In collaboration with our customers, the team at PracticeHub identified solutions to support busy practices. Both Quality and Custom Registers assist you and your team to efficiently capture, record and manage crucial aspects of your practice, including feedback, incidents, risks and more.

Quality Registers and Custom Registers

Anytime and anywhere

We know that providing feedback, identifying risks and reporting incidents can occur anytime and anywhere, and PracticeHub provides the ability to capture these within and outside of our platform. Whether it is a safety concern, a suggestion for improvement or even a compliment, everyone contributes to enhancing practice quality.

One size does not fit all

Easily tailor both Quality Registers and Custom Registers so they work for you and your team. Set your own physical locations, determine the types of incidents or feedback you’d like to record, or how many columns you’d like to have in a custom register! Both registers are designed to scale and grow with you.

Say goodbye to Excel

Create your own registers to meet your needs so you can easily capture and manage all kinds of information in PracticeHub. From hazardous substances to quality improvements, training registers to audit schedules, the choice is yours!

Management simplified

At-a-glance visual indicators to easily see and access new and assigned items from the dashboards. Quickly review and assign items, saving you time and clicks! Automatic tracking of changes in Quality registers ensure transparency and accountability.

See PracticeHub in action

Quality Registers and Custom Registers in PracticeHub can help you manage important information for your practice. Foster continuous quality improvement, streamline processes, and ensure everyone at the practice is involved.

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