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Request for extension of unpaid parental leave

dad with his son

The Challenge

Agreed extension to unpaid parental leave.

Sarah has been on unpaid parental leave for a period of 12 months. 10 weeks before she is due to return to work, Sarah sends an email to Practice E requesting an extension of her unpaid parental leave for a period of 6 months.

 Practice E has a discussion with the person who is filling Sarah’s role while she is on parental leave. The replacement confirms that they will be able to remain in the role for an additional 6 months.  

Practice E emails Sarah and confirms that they are happy to agree to her extension of unpaid parental leave for 6 months.  

How Avant Law can assist

If Practice E had been unable to accommodate Sarah’s request, our lawyers could provide Practice E with practical legal advice on the options available to Practice E, including whether it has reasonable business grounds to refuse Sarah’s request and the risks associated with that approach in the particular circumstances.

We can also provide Practice E with advice on a recommended process and drafting documents to assist it with responding to requests for an extension of unpaid parental leave in accordance with the new procedural requirements.

We can help you

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