Professionalism in medicine

Professionalism in Australian medicine is paramount, ensuring quality patient care and maintaining public trust. It encompasses ethical behaviour, competence, integrity, and respect for patients and colleagues. Adherence to the Medical Board of Australia's code of conduct is fundamental. 

This free video explores the nuances of professionalism in medicine, delving into the code of conduct's principles and their real-world applications. Understanding these standards is crucial for upholding the highest standards of care and professionalism in the Australian healthcare system.

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Free webinar

Exploring the Good Medical Practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia.

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Avant Assist

Avant Assist is an additional support service designed in consultation with members. It provides resources to support you deliver safe, best practice care to your patients, and helps to minimise risk, and alleviate the stress and disruption, of having a complaint or claim made against you

Members have access to a range of relevant resources for their specialty including education, services, and clinical tools.

Additionally, as part of Avant Assist members can book in a time to talk with Risk Advisory Service. The team can review your practice in person or over the phone. Following the discussion, you will be provided with comprehensive material to assist you in mitigating your medico legal risks.

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Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria

Hitting the ground running: IMG orientation program

Medical Council of Victoria’s Hitting the Ground Running (HTGR): IMG Orientation program is designed to support and familiarise International Medical Graduate (IMGs) who are planning on or currently working within the Australian healthcare system (Hospital-based and/or General Practice). At the end of the course, you will receive evidence of certification.

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