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The indemnity insurance your hospital provides for training doctors/junior doctors may not cover you in all circumstances. We provide professional indemnity insurance for medical practitioners like you and we're backed by the largest specialist medico-legal team in Australia. Your first experience of a medico-legal incident can be extremely stressful. With Avant, you can be confident that no Australian medical defence organisation (MDO) has more expertise and resources to protect you and your career.

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Key features of your policy^

We cover you in case you're sued by a patient or another person because of the healthcare you provided. You are also covered for lawyers to defend you in the case and legal costs of the other side (if you're ordered to pay those too). Cover is up to $20 million.

We defend you in front of AHPRA, the Medical Board and the Coroner when your practice as a healthcare professional is being examined. We also support you through investigations by your state's health complaints entity and the criminal courts. Cover is up to $2 million.

In the unfortunate event that you contract a communicable disease such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV, extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDRTB), multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) or New Delhi metallo enzyme enterococci (NDM-1), we'll pay a lump sum of $175,000 to help you either retrain or alter your practice, or to assist you financially if you choose to retire.

We'll cover you, where permitted by law, if you are fined by a government regulator for a breach of privacy, consumer protection, environmental or workplace health and safety laws. We will also cover you for any notification costs for privacy breaches. Cover is up to $250,000.

Employment disputes can be stressful, so it's good to know that Avant will help you defend a matter from the ground up or even pursue a matter against your employer (including when you're a locum or visiting medical officer). Cover is up to $175,000 (subject to joint contribution).

We understand that as a doctor you have the opportunity to take your skills abroad, so it's good to know that Avant will cover you for healthcare that you provide anywhere in the world (excluding the USA). Cover is valid for less than 120 days and less than 2 years if in a training program. Please read the policy wording for full cover information.

You've worked hard to get into your training program, so we want to support you by covering the cost of lawyers if you have a dispute with your training college. Cover is up to $500,000.

This cover is optional. Under this cover, you may be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses relating to travel and accommodation and also your loss of earnings, if you have to be off work to attend a legal matter you're involved with.

We'll support you if you're having trouble being indemnified by another organisation, like your employer, a hospital or an area health service, which you have an agreement with to indemnify you. Cover is up to $500,000.

^Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

Policy & other documents

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^Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

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