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Support is available when you need it

Avant believes that to maintain their health and wellbeing, doctors need to have access to appropriate support and services. Avant provides resources, support and advice tailored specifically to the needs of Australian doctors - to help you better face the challenges of a career in medicine and provide the highest level of care to your patients. Some of these supports and services are identified below and can be accessed via the details provided.

Expert medico-legal advisers provide medico-legal advice and support to Avant members on a range of issues. Avant’s Medico-legal Advisory Service is staffed by senior solicitors and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in emergencies.

Contact: 1800 128 268

Avant's Personal Support Program (PSP) provides a range of support options to Avant members who are suffering health issues. A central plank is six sessions of confidential, external counselling provided by TELUS Health, a leading global provider of corporate psychology services.

The counselling service offers objective psychological support and the provision of coping skills for a range of work-related issues such as work stress, issues with patients, personal issues relating to anxiety or depression, and legal issues around medico-legal complaints. Options available include face to face counselling, phone support or video counselling.

Contact: 1300 360 364

Doctors' Health Advisory Services provide independent, confidential advice to medical practitioners and students. The services provide colleague to colleague support on an anonymous basis for practitioners who are experiencing difficulties.


Helpline: 1300 374 377
24-hour phone assistance


Doctors' Health NSW
24-hour phone assistance
Helpline: 02 9437 6552


Doctors' Health in Queensland (DHQ)
24-hour phone assistance
Helpline: 07 3833 4352

South Australia

Doctors' Health SA
24-hour phone assistance
Helpline: 08 8366 0250
Find a GP near you who treats medical professionals:


DRS4DRS Tasmania
Helpline: 1300 374 377
24-hour phone assistance


Victorian Doctors' Health Program
Helpline: 1300 330 543

Western Australia

Doctors' Health Advisory Service WA
24-hour phone assistance
Helpline: 08 9321 3098

Northern Territory

Doctors' Health NT is a program of Doctors' Health SA
24-hour phone assistance
Helpline: 08 8366 0250

Australasian Doctors' Health Network


1300 374 377
(1300 DR4DRS)
24-hour phone assistance

Wellbeing support options for rural doctors

Bush Support Line:

1800 805 391
24 hours per day

Support for Rural Specialists in Australia:

02 9256 5496

Rural Doctors' Association of Australia

Members can access counselling services 24/7 (EAP program)
02 6239 7730

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine:

Members can access 24/7 support (EAP program)
1800 818 728

Rural Doctors' Association of Queensland

07 3221 4444
support program for members and some practitioners undertaking rural practice

NSW Rural Doctors' Network:

Support and outreach services for NSW's rural health workforce:
02 4924 8000

"NSW Rural Health Family Support" by NSW Rural Doctors Network

Support and assistance to rural medical families in NSW, and assistance to medical students interested in experiencing rural general practice.
02 4924 8000

National Rural Health Student Network:

02 8337 8100

A number of organisations offer confidential peer support for medical practitioners. Many practitioners find it beneficial to discuss their concerns on an anonymous, confidential basis with another medical professional with whom they do not work directly, and yet understands the stressors of the medical profession. A non-exhaustive list of some examples follows:

Many of the medical colleges and societies have support services and resources available to support their members. Contact your college or society for details.

Medical Benevolent Associations provide independent counselling, information, referral, support and some financial assistance to doctors and their families during times of need or adversity. Sessions are free and all information will remain strictly confidential. They are funded by doctors for the benefit of doctors and their families.

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