• What is a performance assessment?

    An assessment of the knowledge, skill or judgment possessed, or care exercised by, a registered health practitioner, in the practice of the health profession in which the practitioner is registered.

    The Board will provide written notice of the performance assessment and advise the name and qualifications of the assessor.

    The assessor may:

    • require you to give stated information within a reasonable time and way
    • require you to attend in person for an assessment
    • inspect, make copies of, take an extract from, and keep documents produced such as medical records.

    After then assessment, the assessor will produce a report for the Board.

    The Board will:

    • nominate a person to discuss the report with you
    • give you a copy of the report
    • discuss any adverse findings with you (this discussion will include recommendations for amending the way you practise).
    • No decisions are made at this juncture.

    The Board will then consider both the assessor’s report and any subsequent discussions with you when making its decision.

    The Board may:

    • take no further action
    • refer the assessment to another entity (including a health complaints entity) for investigation or other action
    • take action which the Board considers necessary or appropriate under the National Law.

    Cautionary Tale

    Cautionary Tale


    The underperforming anaesthetist

    Complaints are made to the Medical Board regarding the professional performance of an experienced anaesthetist. The Performance Committee considers these complaints and resolves that a performance assessment should be undertaken.

    An on-site assessment is conducted where assessors consider:

    • aspects of everyday practice
    • areas of practice that are rare but could be life- threatening and require up-to-date knowledge, skills and behaviours.