We know practising medicine is stressful.

To support members and help with the stress and challenges associated with a career in medicine, Avant is pleased to provide you access to the My Well-Being Index (WBI) app. 

Customised for Australian doctors, the app uses the Well-Being Index developed by the Mayo Clinic for Doctors to help users identify burnout and increase awareness of your wellbeing. 

A 100% anonymous questionnaire in the app tracks your wellbeing using six validated dimensions of stress. Based on your Well-Being Index Score, you are provided links to relevant resources. 

Features of the My Well-Being Index app

Assess your wellbeing anonymously in just nine questions – once you have set it up, it takes only a minute.

    • Obtain instant and individualised feedback and links you through to useful resources
    • Track your wellbeing over time and identify when you may be at risk
    • See how you compare to your peers (on an aggregated basis). 

Use of the app is 100% anonymous and no-one is able to see or access an individual users' data. All of the data provided to Avant is aggregated and will have no impact on any product or services offered to members.

Well-being Index Score

Well-being Index Score

Risk for Medical Error

Risk for Medical Error

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Avant is proud to partner with Beamtree to provide members with access to this app and resources to assess their own wellbeing. This is part of Avant’s vision to support doctors throughout their lives and careers and the importance of their own health and wellbeing.

Dr Michael Wright
Chief Medical Officer, Avant
QR codes to download my well-being index app

My Well-Being Index app

WBI App download

  1. Scan the QR code to download and open the My Well-Being Index app
  2. Allow notifications
  3. Enter your invitation code: HRTAU
  4. Select your job category
  5. Complete your first Well-Being Index questionnaire
Step 2: Allow notifications

Step 2: Allow notifications

Step 3: Enter your invitation code: HRTAU

Step 3: Enter your invitation code: HRTAU

Step 4: Select your job category

Step 4: Select your job category

Frequently asked questions

“An integrative concept that characterizes quality of life with respect to an individual’s health and work-related environmental, organizational, and psychosocial factors.

Wellbeing is the experience of positive perceptions and the presence of constructive conditions at work and beyond that enables workers to thrive and achieve their full potential” 1

Your wellbeing is vital to a patient’s outcome. Assess your wellbeing and compare your results nationally.

The Well-Being Index tracks your results over time. This allows you to correlate changes in wellbeing results to life events. Based upon these results, the tool provides resources when they are needed the most.

wellbeing over time graph

Compare your scores to others nationally
The most accurate way to assess your wellbeing is to compare your results to others on a national level. This allows you to see in which areas you exceed and which areas you are at higher risk compared to your peers by reference to Australian and New Zealand National Norms.

Access free resources
We strive to provide the best education and awareness through resources. After completing the Well-Being Index, you will have access to both national and local resources across multiple categories and topics.

No. The data is completely anonymous. Avant does not have access to any of your identifiable information or responses to the survey. Avant does receive a report which outlines de-identified group data such as trends in results, but not individual data. All of the data provided to Avant is aggregated and will have no impact on any product or services offered to members.

QR Code: 

QR codes for downloading app

QR Code

Use this QR code which you can scan from your device and then your invitation access code – HRTAU

QR codes

Yes. Anyone can download the app from Google play or the Apple store.

To download the Australian version you will need to scan the QR code above and use the code HRTAU.

The range of possible WBI scores is -2 to 9. If you are thriving you will score 0 for the 7 yes/no questions about the last month, and then if you say you find your job very meaningful you have a further point deducted from your WBI, and similarly if you answer very positively for the other Likert scale question you will have another point deducted, giving you -2. Conversely if everything is terrible, you can score a maximum of 9 (7 for the yes/no questions plus one point for each negative Likert-scale question).

The WBI predicts the risk for 6 of the following domains in each version of the tool:

  • Likelihood of burnout
  • Risk of medical error
  • Quality of life
  • Sense of meaning in work
  • Severe fatigue
  • Risk of suicidal thoughts
  • Work-life integration
  • Meaning in work

Wellbeing changes over time due to many factors. We want to provide the most up-to-date data to allow you to see how you compare to your peers nationally. 2022 data for Australasia now available.

No, the numbers will be updated in certain time increments (one to two years), and only if there is a high enough sample size for the data to be considered valid.

Yes, however we encourage the use of the app on the phone, so you will have access to resources 24 hours a day.

Below is the URL access to use on your desktop computer app.mywellbeingindex.org/landing-page/hrt-au


For further information please contact: avanteducation@avant.org.au


Important: The My Well-Being Index app is developed and operated by Corporate Web Services, Inc. and is based on the Well-Being Index invented by the Mayo Clinic. Avant has secured user licenses for Avant members to access the application. Avant and Beamtree are not responsible to you or anyone else for any loss suffered in connection with the use of the My Well-Being Index.

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