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Case study – Medical & Surgical Billings


This newly qualified orthopaedic surgeon wanted to spend more time seeing patients than managing a practice. He wanted the freedom to be as mobile and possible, seeing patients in various consulting rooms rather than at a premises he would need to source, purchase, develop and manage himself. Nor did he want to the hassles of employing his own staff.

The problem

We were tasked with setting up a mobile practice delivering all the virtual services a surgical practitioner would require: virtual administration and reception, in-patient medical billing and bookkeeping services.

The solution

Through clear progress tracking and regular two-way communication, the few challenges encountered were swiftly resolved and the client was well-informed throughout the week-long start-up process.

This included the introduction and implementation of:

  1. Medical & Surgical Billings app to manage all invoices and billings
  2. Virtual Administration and Reception service to organise and manage all patient appointment bookings

The implementation of end-to-end virtual administration and reception service was finalised within five business days. Medical billing and bookkeeping took just 10 more business days to complete.

The results

With Avant Practice Solutions set up and virtual practice management services, the client now has:

The flexibility to practice in a variety of locations

All administration, reception professionally set up and managed

All in-patient bills and bookkeeping activities professionally set up and managed

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