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10 benefits of partnering with a remote practice manager

Engaging a specialised healthcare virtual practice manager can improve how your team and systems work, helping your medical practice run smoothly and successfully.

Monday, 8 July 2024

A remote practice manager is an expert in medical business strategy, financial management, HR, compliance and IT, who oversees a practice’s business functions remotely. A remote practice manager operates like an in-house practice manager to support and maintain operational performance, except they are an outsourced provider. 

If your current practice manager is overwhelmed, or perhaps you are struggling to make your practice profitable, it may signal you need a remote practice manager.

Below are 10 benefits of partnering with an experienced remote practice manager.


1. Fills capability gaps  

The medical practice manager role is multifaceted. A practice manager is responsible for many business functions, must be strategically minded and possess expertise in medical financial planning, business reporting and staff management. 

Due to the breadth of the practice manager role, capability gaps are common. Assistance from a top-tier remote practice manager can profoundly support your onsite practice manager and empower them to do their best work, safe in the knowledge that they’re supported by a collaborative virtual co-manager. 

2. Increases practice efficiency 

A remote practice manager will work with you to solve operational issues and optimise your systems, workflows and rostering so that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. This will help to ensure nothing is left behind, double handling is avoided, and backlogs can become a thing of the past. 

3. Enhances team collaboration 

A remote practice manager with experience in medical staff management will provide more clarity and communication and a clear division of tasks. This can result in less stress, improved focus and enhanced staff engagement. In short, your team could work better together with a remote practice manager onboard. 

4. Lowers running costs 

A remote practice manager costs much less than an onsite full-time practice manager who requires recruitment, training, onboarding, ongoing performance management and replacement. There’s no salary or super, WorkCover, insurance, benefits or other associated costs. And with your remote practice manager focused solely on practice management tasks, you’re not unnecessarily paying for a manager to cover staff leave or lunch breaks, which can often be the case when your manager works onsite. 

5. Maximises revenue 

All too often, doctors shy away from business thinking. A remote practice manager can bring better business oversight and performance authority which means maximised revenue and profitability. 

6. Improves compliance 

A remote practice manager helps protect your business. They can manage risk assessments and mitigation strategies, accreditations, whilst also keeping up to date with changes in employment awards, Medicare, data security, OH&S, payroll and contracts. 

7. Gives you access to more know-how 

Remote practice managers are experienced healthcare professionals who’ve done this before. They have a wealth of industry knowledge and understanding of best practices. Their aim is to drive your business towards desired outcomes and set you up for scalable growth. 

8. Provides better business insight 

Remote practice managers are financially literate, delivering business oversight and performance authority with meaningful reporting back to the practice owner, enabling you to make informed strategic decisions. 

9. Better strategy 

A remote practice manager can work with you to identify priorities and develop strategies to improve your practice and lead your team towards better outcomes. 

10. Less worry, more confidence 

It can be difficult to find a practice manager who has expertise in all business functions and is willing to run a practice. With a remote practice manager, you can be confident your practice is in safe hands. They’ll help you tackle challenges and build practice resilience, which means a healthier work-life balance and less stress for you. 

Engaging a specialised healthcare remote practice manager can improve the way your team and systems work, assisting you to focus on your area of expertise without the stress of business management. Not to mention, your patients also benefit when their healthcare team is working at their best. 

You can also learn more about remote practice manager's by downloading our eBook ‘A beginner’s guide to working with a remote practice manager’, which explores the reasons to employ a remote practice manager and how to work with them successfully. 

At Avant Practice Solutions, our Practice Management team can provide ongoing support for your practice. Book a 30-minute call with one of our Practice Success Consultants to find out more. 


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