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Meet the team: Alex Noonan, Assistant Virtual Administration Manager at Avant Practice Solutions

Get to know Alex Noonan – a knowledgeable Assistant Virtual Administration Manager of the Virtual Administration and Reception Services (VARS) team.

Tuesday, 4 June 2024

Alex Noonan is the Assistant Virtual Administration Manager at Avant Practice Solutions. If she could write her own job title, it would be Problem Solver. 

Alex has extensive medical administration and reception experience. Before joining the Avant Practice Solutions team, she spent four years working in GP clinics and two years at an Endoscopy Day Hospital. 

Through her experience, Alex has learnt how to communicate with and navigate different personalities and management styles. The values that drive her include integrity and respect, which she considers integral when working with doctors and patients. 

Alex understands that doctors juggle various daily tasks, such as consults and theatre appointments. She can help them to be more organised by ensuring they have all the information they need about their patients. 

If Alex could describe herself in three words it would be passionate, adaptable and organised. She has a positive, can-do attitude to her work. She loves to take on clients’ time-consuming administrative tasks to give them the freedom and flexibility to focus on patient care. She believes she is making a positive impact on the lives of doctors and patients every day. 

It is important to Alex that her clients feel supported by the Virtual Administration and Reception Services (VARS) team. Despite being outsourced administration, Alex wants clients to think of them as part of their onsite team. 

When she’s not working, you can find Alex at the paddock with her horse, Kenny. She also loves to relax at home with her partner and their two cats, Larry and Tigger. 

To learn more about Avant Practice Solutions’ Virtual Administration and Reception Services and how your practice can benefit from outsourcing administration and reception duties to a team of dedicated professionals, book a meeting with one of our Practice Success Consultants.    


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