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Meet the Team: Jess Hall, Head of Virtual Administration Services at Avant Practice Solutions

Get to know Jess Hall, our passionate customer service expert and the Head of Virtual Administration Services.

Sunday, 16 June 2024

Jess Hall is Avant Practice Solutions’ Head of Virtual Administration Services – a team of medical receptionists who provide administrative support to medical practices.  

Jess has been with Avant Practice Solutions for six years, starting as a medical receptionist and moving through other roles to get to where she is today. Her trajectory has allowed her to gain first-hand experience working with doctors and practices, meaning she understands their needs and how to improve operational efficiencies. 

Before moving into customer service, Jess worked in aviation for ten years. She attributes the strong customer service and managerial skills she gained during this time to her success at Avant Practice Solutions. 

Jess loves being able to share her passion for customer service with her team. Medical receptionists are the first point of contact for patients and Jess understands that it’s important that patients feel welcome, heard and cared for. With this awareness, Jess's team can represent their clients in the best way possible. 

Jess's team is the link between doctors and their patients. By answering calls and emails, making appointments, taking and relaying messages, managing referrals and so much more, the team give patients greater access to their doctors and enable doctors to focus on providing patient care. 

Jess likes to take a collaborative approach with her clients, getting to know their goals and ambitions and exploring ways to help them achieve them. She finds that many clients are unaware of the full potential of their clinical software and loves showing them how they can work more effectively to free up time in their already busy days. 

Jess describes herself as empathetic, honest and considered. She thinks before she acts, considers all options, cares for others, and instils the importance of honesty in her team and the value of learning from mistakes. 

When Jess is not facilitating excellent patient care, you can find her exploring the great outdoors. Having grown up in country Victoria, she loves being in the water: swimming at the beach, kayaking on a lake, or camping by a river. Unsurprisingly, she has a keen interest in the TV series Alone, a competition of survival where contestants must outlast each other camping in the wild – though Jess admits she prefers glamping! 

To learn more about Avant Practice Solutions’ Virtual Administration and Reception Services and how your practice can benefit from outsourcing administration and reception duties to a team of dedicated professionals, book a meeting with one of our Practice Success Consultants.


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