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Managing patient incidentsFactsheets
Responding to a direct patient complaint Patient complaints may come to you in a number of ways directly via an online forum or from a complaint s entity or other regulator. This factsheet explores the management of a patient complaint that ...
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
When doctors leave a practice Leaving a medical practice can be a daunting experience. It may be your decision to leave or the practice may require you to leave with little or no notice. With the support of Avant you can make the ...
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
What to do when requested to attend an employment meeting You may be asked to attend a meeting with your employer at any time. The meeting might be about your performance your conduct a clinical matter you were involved in or you may be asked to provide info...
Courts & reportsFactsheets
Coronial investigations and inquests You can be involved in a coronial investigation for several reasons especially if you were involved in the care of a deceased patient. Be aware of your obligations and responsibilities if you find you...
Children and consent Life threatening emergencies aside a practitioner must obtain the consent of the patient before undertaking an examination investigation procedure or treatment. Failure to obtain consent leaves a prac...
FactsheetsMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Providing medical records to a third party Requests for medical records may come from the patient themselves from another person or organisation or via a court order such as a subpoena summons or other court notice. We summarise your responsib...
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Suspension from practice Being suspended from practice is a highly stressful event. We have summarised our advice to ensure you are aware of some of the more practical considerations.
Consent: the essentials Fundamental to the consent process is the discussion you have with your patient. This is an ongoing process and more than just the signing of a form.
Identifying drug seekers and doctor-shopping behaviours It s important to recognise the signs of patients seeking drugs of dependence to protect a person from potential harm and to protect yourself from risk of disciplinary action. Learn about drug-seeking...
FactsheetsPatient communication
Use of interpreters For patients not confident or capable of speaking or understanding the same language as the doctor you should consider using qualified interpreting services.
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