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Practising professionallyVideosWebinars
Leading through a crisis Rarely is a doctor in a position where their advice impacts the lives of millions yet Professor Brendan Murphy found himself in that position. As the Chief Medical Officer for the Commonwealth Governm...
Doctors' health & wellbeingWebinars
Demands expectations and complaints: Managing difficult patients Recorded on 22 October 2013. Dr Browne Dr Buckland Pamela Michael and Georgie Haysom discuss the impct of patient complaints on the practitioner. This webinar explores what drives patients to lodge a ...
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WebinarsWorkplace & employment
Hanging up your stethoscope: thinking about, preparing and planning for retirement Planning for your retirement involves consideration of many aspects of your practice and is as important as planning for your career. Understanding what is required from a professional and medico-lega...
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Patient communicationWebinars
More than words: communication and clinical-handover Recorded on Wednesday 5th August 2015. This webinar will discuss the value of good communication particularly during handover of care. Clinical handover is seen as a key area in the care of patients w...
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Sign here- how to overcome obstacles in gaining consent This webinar explores difficult issues in consent and will look at ways to manage these to ensure the patient is central to the consent process
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Patient careWebinars
Understanding Diagnostic Errors Diagnostic error is a clinical event that is reported to occur in approximately 10% of all cases. For the majority of these cases there is minimal impact to the patient but in some situations the impa...
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Prescribing perils Part 3: An update Recorded on Monday 16 th March 2020. This webinar explores current issues surrounding prescribing drugs of dependence including recent TGA updates and real time prescribing. Chris Falcke from DHHS Dr ...
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Digital healthWebinars
Treating staff members, family and friends Guidelines issued by the Medical Board of Australia say that whenever possible doctors should avoid providing medical care to anyone with whom they have a close personal relationship. Recorded on 26 A...
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Professionalism in medicine: exploring the code of conduct This webinar discusses the  Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia  as the foundational document that establishes the professional framework for medical practition...
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Patient communicationWebinars
Insights and strategies to manage difficult patient situations This webinar will give an overview of current knowledge and best practice in relation to managing difficult patient situations. Topics covered include: General advice when managing a difficult patient...
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