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Prescription drug-related deaths: coroner calls for mandatory education A recent inquest into the deaths of four patients from overdoses to prescription painkillers has elicited further calls for a real-time prescription monitoring system and mandatory education for GPs o...
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When is it okay to end a doctor-patient relationship? When is it OK to end a doctor-patient relationship? Member calls to our Medico-legal Advisory Service about clinical patient relationships have increased nearly 14% with many doctors grappling with t...
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Podcasts: Michael Myers discusses doctors' well-being Georgie Haysom Head of Research Education and Advocacy at Avant sat down with Michael Myers a professor of clinical psychiatry from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn New York. Professor Myers...
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Video - Ending the doctor patient relationship This 5 minute video by Dr Mark Woodrow Avant Medical Adviser explores the legal and ethical issues you may face when ending a doctor-patient relationship.
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GP’s registration on the line after conforming to patient demands A GP has been reprimanded for prescribing testosterone without therapeutic indication to two patients who wanted the medication for bodybuilding purposes.
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Non-compliant patient: Court absolves doctors With patients becoming increasingly likely to visit multiple doctors it is vital to find ways to ensure continuity of care to improve their health outcomes.
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SafeScript checks now mandatory In Victoria from 1 April it will be mandatory for all doctors pharmacists and nurse practitioners to check a patient s prescription history in SafeScript before they prescribe or dispense a monitored ...
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What happens when you need our support Receiving a claim or complaint can be confronting even when you are expecting it. Once you notify us however your claim unfolds we will work as a team to advise or defend you throughout the process.
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Opioid-related deaths prompts urgent need for national prescription monitoring In Australia opioids accounted for just over three deaths per day and nearly 150 hospitalisations and 14 emergency department presentations involve opioid harm.
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Setting your sights to thrive.
Vodcast with Dr James Muecke
Dr James Muecke Ophthalmologist and 2020 Australian of the Year is interviewed by ABC Medical Reporter Sophie Scott
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