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Case studiesMedical records
Access to patient medical records: when is it not okay? A doctor surreptitiously accessed his ex-wife s medical record to understand her medical condition and treatment. A couple of days later his employer sent a letter asking him to explain why and to war...
Case studiesPatient care
Supreme Court intervenes to order patient’s release from a mental health facility A case has illustrated that courts will intervene to ensure mental health facilities abide by the law in detaining patients in their facility.
Case studiesPrivacy & confidentiality
Blurred professional boundaries results in doctor email privacy breach One sentence in one email; that s all it took for a doctor to breach two provisions of the privacy legislation. The doctor was ordered to pay a patient 10 000 in compensation for disclosing the patien...
Case studiesPatient communication
Indirect communication between colleagues has serious consequences Indirect communication between colleagues has serious consequences Communication problems contribute to a significant number of complaints against doctors. In a recent case indirect communication bet...
ArticlesConsentCase studiesCourts & reportsPractising professionally
Surgeon’s misguided acts leads to suspension An experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist has been prosecuted for professional misconduct and had their registration suspended after forging consent forms for over 30 patients.
Case studiesPrivacy & confidentiality
Providing patient information to the police – should or shouldn’t you? You re an intern who has just started a night shift in a busy inner-city hospital when the police come in asking for information about a patient. According to the police there are suspicious circumsta...
ConsentCase studies
Case raises surgeon’s duty to warn of surgical risks versus conservative treatment A recently reported Supreme Court case has raised the scope of a doctor s duty to warn of the risks of surgery versus conservative treatment and lack of training and experience in performing the proce...
Case studiesCourts & reportsMedical recordsPrescribing
Psychiatrist’s $64,000 discharge error A court has found a psychiatrist breached their duty of care to a patient for the injuries she sustained in a car accident while driving home following discharge from the hospital. The patient alleged...
Case studiesPrescribing
Physician banned for a decade for unnecessary prescribing A physician has been found guilty of professional misconduct after prescribing anabolic steroids and drugs when there was no therapeutic basis and for failing to keep adequate records.
Case studiesPractising professionally
A recipe for reproach: acceptance of patient’s gifts triggers family concern Accepting gifts from patients can blur boundaries in the treatment relationship leading to unwanted consequences and legal ramifications for the doctor as this recent case demonstrates.
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