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Digital healtheLearning courses
Cyber and privacy With so much of our personal and work lives connected to the internet the risk of experiencing a cyber incident is always increasing. This course will give an overview of best practice in privacy and ...
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eLearning coursesPatient care
Gathering Diagnostic Information This module aims to refresh communication skills that may assist the medical practitioner to gather appropriate and useful diagnostic information during a consultation.
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Case studiesPatient carePractising professionallyPrescribing
Doctor’s inappropriate relationship with patient leads to breaches of prescribing practice and professional conduct Doctors who commence a treating relationship with partners family members or close friends can find their professional judgment compromised. They risk providing inappropriate treatment and putting pat...
Patient communicationPodcasts
Advice for managing angry or aggressive patients This podcast series looks at advice from Avant members when it comes to managing a situation with an angry or aggressive patient. Part one reviews angry patients and de-escalation techniques. Part two...
ConsentCase studiesPatient communicationPractising professionally
Neurosurgeon was not negligent in recommending conservative treatment, even though later surgery was successful A surgeon s duty of care includes giving clear advice about the risks of surgical intervention and providing a recommendation about the preferred course of treatment. Doctors are not required to refer...
Courts & reportsFactsheets
Giving evidence in court Giving evidence can be a stressful experience. Courts are unfamiliar environments for most of us and we don t always know what to expect. This factsheet outlines the types of proceedings you could be ...
FactsheetsPatient communication
Managing difficult interactions with patients Difficult interactions with patients and/or their family members can be complex. It is important to acknowledge that often patients or family members may be upset angry or demanding for a valid reason...
Case studiesManaging patient incidentsMedical recordsPatient carePatient communicationPractising professionally
Ensuring continuity of care and managing patients who do not follow treatment recommendations Managing a patient who does not follow treatment recommendations is a challenge many doctors face.
Claims insightsPatient communication
Doctor-patient communication In these claims and complaints the content of the communication (or lack thereof) was the most common concern raised followed by the manner of communication.
FactsheetsWorkplace & employment
Understanding your medical services contract This factsheet provides some useful information about the clauses that are typically included in a medical services contract between a medical practitioner and medical practice where the medical pract...
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