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You've got mail – but should you reply? The Privacy Act does not prescribe how a healthcare organisation should communicate health information to patients or third parties. Any method of communication may be used as long as the organisation...
SafeScript is coming soon: how doctors can prepare Doctors in Victoria will need to ensure their AHPRA details are up-to-date and they are aware of new law reforms now in effect with the introduction of SafeScript the real-time prescription monitoring...
ArticlesDigital healthMedical recordsPrivacy & confidentiality
Uploading pathology and diagnostic images to My Health Record Pathology and diagnostic imaging reports can now be added to a My Health Record (MHR). However we understand that not all providers have yet begun adding reports to MHR
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Casual or permanent? Know your employees’ work status to avoid disputes It is not uncommon for practices to receive claims of unfair dismissal and underpayment from casual employees particularly when the employment relationship sours or comes to an end. To avoid disputes ...
ArticlesCourts & reportsWorkplace & employment
Protecting your practice Sarah is a practice manager at a GP practice and has recently interviewed a doctor who she would like to engage as a contractor. She wants to protect the practice as the last GP she engaged recently l...
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Why you shouldn’t treat staff or family Doctors should avoid treating staff practice colleagues and their families as far as possible. Read about the risks and the measures you can take to minimise your exposure.
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Disciplinary stance on professional shortcomings and medical records Shortcomings in record keeping are often highlighted in professional conduct matters and can contribute to a finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct.
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International Conference on Medical Regulation in Dubai: trends and approaches The 13th International Conference on Medical Regulation hosted by the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) was held in Dubai in October. The Conference provides an oppor...
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Does more regulation of doctors protect the public? There is increasing pressure on regulators to take proactive steps to prevent harm to the public and a desire to protect regulators from criticism and perceptions of regulatory failure. Avant is conce...
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Don’t get caught out: AHPRA warns doctors over advertising breaches Doctors and practices are reminded of their obligations under the advertising guidelines and to remove any offending material if advised by AHPRA.
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